About us

Hunt for Your Nexus is now over!

My Nexus Hunt is B2B platform that is designed for the purpose of trading online. We provide local business listings for United Kingdom (Launching Shortly Worldwide). My Nexus Hunt is UK based B2B bazaar that helps the local business to develop their business nationally as well as globally. Instead of wasting money after other Marketing tools, we believe in getting direct B2B transaction. Hence we have as a firm, launched our website to provide the platform where business owner can meet other business owner directly and commence e-commerce smoothly. At My Nexus Hunt,

We offer buyers to meet new sellers and on other hand we help the sellers to generate new clients by providing them facility to develop their own web page( product listing) that helps them to save the money that are being spent after various marketing activities!

As a buyer or seller we have the best backside support team that is always ready to give you their valuable support whenever and wherever you require! We have range of verities that makes us different from the other market competitors (To know about our features, we recommend you to feel it by join us!). My Nexus Hunt suggests wide collection of products for sale from the well known sellers (and also from new enthusiastic online entrepreneurs!).

To feel My Nexus Hunt you can register freely on our website and test how we are scrolling! We have further facilities that can boost your business online that later on you, by yourself can decide to choose from our different packages.

We believe in service and hence we always try to understand your business in a better manner and always ready to help you to generate new clientele that help you to earn handsome return on your (and your shareholders’) investment. We love to learn new things everyday and hence at My Nexus Hunt we are always pleased to hear from our customers.